Found: NYC’s Best Burger

Found: NYC’s Best Burger

Meat your challengers

“C’mon,” said my editor. “We’re going to the Battle of the Burger next week.”

“What is that.” I said, without a question mark. “What are those words you just said to my face.”

“It’s a contest where the best burger restaurants in New York City face off to see who’s got the best burger in the five boroughs. I need someone to come with me to taste a few and give their take, and after looking at my…

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Troy & Abed in the Warring

Troy & Abed in the Warring

Troy & Abed incognito

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is known for having lots of games blown up on big screens for everyone to see. But what about playing them — who gets to do that? Turns out that Danny Pudi (Abed) and Donald Glover (Troy) of Community does: they spent time at Ubisoft’s massive staging area trying out Far Cry 4, an open world first person shooter. How well did they do? Let’s ask about that…

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Catwoman (Lisa Marie Lee), Lara Croft (Brooke Bayless), Dazzler (Shannon Bayless), Wonder Woman (Mary Casarreal) and Batgirl (Alicia Lee)

Y’all need to listen up and heed this sound advice: life is better when you’re having fun. 

Y’all need to listen up and heed this sound advice: life is better when you’re having fun. 

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Tales from Walmart II: Violence by the Pound

Tales from Walmart II: Violence by the Pound

Now how you expected a cashier to punch up your purchases.

Last time, I discussed some of the sexual shenanigans that went on during my three-year nightmare working for Walmart. And what goes better with sex? Why, violence of course! And yes, I witnessed more than my fair share of violence. You figure it’s going to happen when you work for a major chain like that, but you still can never really prepare for how much you might see. Just how much, you ask?…

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Comic Reviews for 8/27/14

Comic Reviews for 8/27/14

The London bar scene is a bit stifling.

Hear ye, hear ye! Time for another round-up of reviews! We’ve got some mainstream, some indie, some old, some new, all of them worthy of the Man Cave once over. So let the recommendations, commendations, and declamations begin! (more…)

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What to Serve (and Ignore) at your Labor Day BBQ

What to Serve (and Ignore) at your Labor Day BBQ

There's no room for mercy in BBQ.

So you’ve emerged from your man cave to plot the perfect barbecue, but you don’t know the first thing about what to serve. Well, fret not, hairy reader, for your friends at the Man Cave get sent boxes of all kinds of crazy stuff! This time around we’re going to test out some barbecue fixings and see if they should or shouldn’t populate your picnic table. Yeeeee-haw! It’s a good, old-fashioned…

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The Lamest Copies of ‘Action Comics’ #1

The Lamest Copies of ‘Action Comics’ #1

Old-school Superman let you know real fast whose town you were in.

For three-quarters of a century nothing has lived up to its name as hard as Action Comics #1. And you know that’s true because on Sunday it once again set the record for the highest amount ever paid for a single comic book. (more…)

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Marvel Fans: “We’re so much better than DC because we have a Muslim Ms Marvel! On Your left, DC!”



Fair point. 

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The Rock Festival Circle of Life

The Rock Festival Circle of Life

Except Buddy Holly. Buddy Holly is perfect forever.

Music festivals are great, and rock music festivals in particular are something special. It’s not just about the music, it’s the attitude, the excuse to clock out of reality for a couple of days and slob around in a field with all of life’s troublesome quandaries temporarily reduced to finding beer and food before the drum solo ends. For a mercifully brief period you can live like you are…

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